Zaurus Synchronization Repository is a project that aims to provide a solution for synchronizing the Sharp Zaurus on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Initially zync and zync-gui were created for PIM (Personal Information Management) synchronization. However, we have halted those efforts and begun working on an OpenSync plugin.


Tue, 06 Mar 2007 06:56:12 GMT -- Status Update
Hi all. Just thought I would throw a status update out since I have not made a post in a while. Well, I have made a huge amount of progress as of late. I now I have the basis of lib_zdtm_sync built and have the following parts functioning properly: initiate_sync, check_cur_auth_state, authenticate_passcode, obtain_sync_state, obtain_last_time_synced, set_last_time_synced, requires_slow_sync, terminate_sync, and zdtm_finalize.

You may be wondering what exactly this means. Well, in general it means that there are only a few small chunks left before ToDo partial syncs are working in our test application. And then only a few more to get full (slow) sync working. If you would like more details I have made the project plan for lib_zdtm_sync available in html on the Development page of the site under the Tasks section. Check it out, it is updated automatically so it should be very up to date. (0 comments)
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 19:35:40 GMT -- Whats New?
Hi all. I have been/am working hard at this semesters finals lately and I have not had much time to work on the project as you may have noticed. However, Christmas break is coming up in a week so I will be jumping full on into development again and see how much I can get done during Christmas break. Also, I have gotten this project aproved to count toward my degree so I will be working on the project continuously over the next semester, :). I can't wait to get some good code out for you all to test. Anyways, keep checking back for status updates. Too see all the nitty gritty development details of what is going on checkout the Development section of the site. (0 comments)
Sun, 03 Sep 2006 23:11:42 GMT -- Three Days of Work!!!
Hi all. Just wanted to keep you posted on what the happenings are with this project since I have not made a post in a while. Basically, I just spent three solid days working on the project. The zdtm_sync cross-platform library is nearing completion for ToDo synchronization support. I am testing it as it exists right now and filling in the gaps (things I forgot to implement in zdtm_sync library). The game plan is that once the library is complete and enough testing has been done, that we take and implement the opensync plugin just to support the ToDo sync. Then add the little bit of code left to the zdtm_sync library to support Calendar and Address book sync. Once that version of the library is released we will release another version of the opensync plugin which will support all three. jcmdev0 has been hacking away on building us a new website so that more documentation can more easily be presented to the users without having to read PDF files and the likes. Just, hang in there. I should be able to work on the project more often now so we should see a working alpha test version out pretty soon. (0 comments)
Sun, 09 Apr 2006 23:30:58 GMT -- The zdtm sync library.
Well, since I have decided to do the rewrite I have been getting things restructured and organized so that the project can be as clean and crisp as possible with the best code. This has pushed the rewrite in the direction of creating an independent zdtm sync library from the plugin as to allow other software to integrate with the zaurus synchornization if needed. Anyways, the new GNU build tools based build system has been setup in zsrep/lib_zdtm_sync on the subversion server. It doesn't have much there but the start of the library and the build system setup. Now, that the build system is setup though. Extensive development can begin. (2 comments)
Thu, 23 Mar 2006 21:33:34 GMT -- The rewrite!
I am sure you all have noticed that I have been taking my sweet little time getting this OpenSync plugin out. Well the key reason for this is that I have been doing a complete rewrite of the code. The first reason I decided to do a full rewrite was because I want the OpenSync plugin to be fully cross-platform so that Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows users can use it. The second reason I decided to do this was to produce a more robust library which would allow me to easily write a small daemon to handle the event of the user pressing the sync button that exists on the front of the cradle. This may take some time so please be patient. The third and final reason I decided to do a complete rewrite was the necessity for good code and good documentation. (0 comments)