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Zaurus Synchronization Repository is a project which aims to provide a professional solution for synchronizing one's Zaurus on the Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

It brings Zaurus users a tool allowing them to synchronize their Zaurus data with any of a number of Desktop PIM (Personal Information Management) applications.

Zaurus Synchronization Repository's key tools, zync and zync-gui, support unlimited Desktop PIM application support via a well defined plug-in system. However, these tools have quickly been made obsolete by the fact that maintaining Desktop PIM application plug-in's is too time consuming, due to their rapid rate of change.

Given the difficult predicament, the Zaurus Synchronization Repository has decided to completely halt development of zync and zync-gui, and drastically change development directions by attempting to accomplish its original goal by developing a plug-in for the new open source standard cross-platform framework for synchronization OpenSync.

If you find these tools of use to you please make a donation to the project to continue development of it and add better user support. You can make donations by clicking the "Support this project" image at the bottom of the page.

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